Tips For Test Driving A Car

test drive a car in Wall

While a lot of emphasis is placed on picking out the right car, not a lot of people know how to properly test drive the car that they’re looking at, especially when they don’t know exactly what car they’re looking for. Our Wall used car dealer has tips and tricks for you to make sure the car you’re test driving is the right one for you.

Before The Test Drive

A second set of eyes never hurt anyone, and with a friend, you can test out the back seat to make sure you and your whole crew will be comfortable. Have him or her sit in the passenger seat to make sure there’s enough headroom or legroom–you don’t want to get a new car that no one else wants to get in!

Some may want to just get in and go, but before you do, play around with the seating positions, mirrors, the infotainment system, air conditioning, and anything else that might not be so familiar to you. You want to make sure that everything is to your liking that you wouldn’t otherwise test out during the test drive. Tune in to a few different radio stations make sure you like the sound of the speakers.

during the test drive

During The Test Drive

With everything on the exterior looking good and the infotainment features figured out, it’s time to give it a ride. You’ll want to make sure the visibility is comfortable for you, because every car is different with outward and rear visibility. If you have a family that you plan on driving around, make sure the rearview mirror is positioned so that you would be able to see your kids and out the rear windshield.

Other features that can be tested during the test drive are things like 4WD or AWD-equipped cars, intelligent cruise control if you can take a minute on the highway, and other safety features such as Lane Keep Assist.

Make your route similar to a route you would drive every day–if you take a major road every day, take it on a major road. If you’re doing mostly city driving, just drive it around town with plenty of traffic lights, turns, and stop-and-go. You want to make sure you love everything about the car before you buy it.

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