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Care Care Tips

If you apply rain-x to your windshield monthly, during light rains you shouldn’t even need to turn on your wipers. If your car is ever stuck in snow or mud you can sometimes get out by lowering the tire pressure. Just be sure to pump the tires back up before driving long distances. It’s actually …

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Multiply Gas Savings with Vehicle Maintenance

As gas prices continue to drop, motorists should take advantage of their savings at the pump and invest it back into their vehicles. By spending a little now to increase fuel efficiency, drivers can multiply fuel savings and save more money at the pump, says the Car Care Council. The national average of the cost …

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To Idle or Not to Idle, That is the Question

It is that time of the year when many motorists let their vehicle “warm up” or idle before driving. In fact, today’s modern cars are ready to drive in cold temperatures without excessive idling, says the Car Care Council. “Unless you are trying to defrost the windshield or warm the interior of your car, idling …

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ASE: What’s in It for Car Owners

ASE Certification Program Helps Take the Guesswork Out of Finding a Good Technician Finding a competent auto technician need not be a matter of chance. Much of the guesswork has been eliminated, thanks to the national program conducted by the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE tests and certifies automotive professionals in …

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Four Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Car

Looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly with your car? Motorists can help protect the environment by following four simple steps from the non-profit Car Care Council. Follow a vehicle service schedule including steps like checking engine performance, keeping tires properly inflated, replacing air filters regularly, changing oil regularly and checking your gas cap. …

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Don’t Scrimp on Vehicle Maintenance

With a sluggish economic recovery and today’s consumers watching their finances carefully, it’s no surprise that the average age of vehicles in the United States is more than 11 years old, according to automotive research firm R.L. Polk and Co. With motorists holding on to their vehicles longer than ever before, maintenance takes an even …

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5 Easy Fuel Economy Driving Tips

Choosing a car that offers the best fuel economy is a smart way to save money at the pump. But aside from choosing a vehicle with great EPA mileage estimates, there are a few easy fuel economy tips that can also help you get more bang for your buck: Drive safely. According to, the …

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How to Protect Your Car’s Interior

Try to add up the hours you spend in your car. It’s a lot, isn’t it? Commutes, errand runs and road trips can have you sitting in those bucket seats for hours on end, and during that time, you and your passengers are actually living in the interior. That means smudges on the windows, scratches …

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Are Your Brakes Trying to Tell You Something?

If your brakes are trying to tell you something, you should pay attention. A properly operating brake system helps ensure safe vehicle control and operation and it should be checked immediately if you suspect any problems, says the non-profit Car Care Council. “While an annual brake inspection is a good way to ensure brake safety, …

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Maintaining your vehicle regularly and according to your owner’s manual, can give you years more use out of it. Following are a list of tips and suggestions to help you take care of your vehicle so it takes care of you. 1. If you don’t know what type of oil you need for your vehicle, …

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